Bibiji Masjid, Ahmedabad⁠

The Bibiji Masjid is credited to the mother of Ahmed Shah II. Gujarat has many mosques built by women and boy are they built to last.⁠

The mosque is located in Ahmedabad’s Rajapur neighborhood, which was previously a suburb to the southeast of the medieval walled city. The structure was built around 1454 CE, according to an inscription. ⁠

The mosque is rectangular in shape, with its east side opening into a huge open space. There are five sections to the east facade. A magnificent gateway, flanked by two minarets, dominates the middle section. A smaller arched entrance flanks this on either side and a triple-arched portal flanks the facade on either end.⁠

Credit to: @mosquesofindia

We used this as a backdrop for our Friday Reminder today (12-12-2021)

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