Sabr does not mean being emotionless

Sabr does not mean being emotionless. Book Review | Yasmin Mogahed

For the past few weeks I have been reading a Book by Yasmin Mogahed. Best book in the Psychology and Islam category I have read so far. Every page is healing. Healing words for those who never received love from their parents. Healing words for those who are victims of domestic violence.
“We layer each emotion with emotion about the emotion. We don’t just let ourselves feel and work through the emotion; we judge the emotion.”
Healing words for those who had to suppress their emotions due to: Culture, fear of rejection, the Misconception of Forgiveness, and Misunderstanding of Sabr.
“There is nothing shameful about being human. Allah is the One who designed us to be human, and He does not make mistakes.”
This book touched me so deeply that I often could not hold back my tears because everything she writes is what I have seen in the world. No one, except Muslims, had made it difficult for Muslims to speak about their traumas, physical pain, and mental illnesses that needed to be changed.
“Cry to Allah, and you will heal.”
Modern help books only provide superficial help because they sell us solutions without God, which cannot cure the root of a person’s pain/trauma. Books like this are the opposite. The Divine knowledge in them, properly applied, can heal us from the heart. This book offers healing solutions without side effects; even if we take them all our life, we will not suffer further but only get better on our path to recovery.
“To truly believe that there is no wound too deep and no pain too great, for Him to heal.”
This book defines what it means to have SABR in Islam. No matter what a person has gone through in life, they will find healing words for them in this book. I recommend this book to everyone because so many wrongs have been committed in the name of false patience by those who have never practiced SABR / patience themselves.

Review and Photo Credit: @hijabi.withabook

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