Feature of the Week: A 19th-century mosque, Odathil Palli built by the Keyis.

This week’s feature: a 19th-century mosque called the Odathil Palli built by the Keyis

The Keyis of Thalassery were affluent traders with holdings in all of India’s main ports, as well as some in Europe.⁠

When the French East India Company constructed a factory at Thalassery in the 17th century, the Keyis began trading. The pioneers were Aluppy and Moosa. Kunhipacki Keyi, who took over as the family’s leader in 1809, was the first to be given the epithet keyi (shipowner). He supposedly possessed a vast fleet of seagoing vessels, with as many as 650 at one time.⁠

His nephew Moosakakka Keyi took the business to greater heights. The Keyis even had a rabath built for Malabari pilgrims in Makkah where they would be provided with lodging for free.⁠

This is a 19th-century mosque called the Odathil Palli that was built by the Keyis.⁠

?: Haji Abdul Ghafoor/GM⁠
Coordinates: 11.748649648569367, 75.49022529245843⁠

Credit to @mosquesofindia

This week’s Friday Reminder features Odhatil Palli Mosque

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