Mumbai Mosque Feeds 800 Laborers Amid COVID-19 Lockdown, Dents Mainstream Islamophobic Narrative

The Indian Media is leaving no stone unturned in demonizing the Muslim identity, mosques and madarsas with their fake accusations of them spreading COVID-19 yet, in the heart of their blasphemous reporting, a heartwarming news of a mosque serving the migrant labourers has suddenly gone viral. The daily wage workers from different states in India have been worst hit after the industries closed owing to the nationwide lockdown amid the pandemic.

Having no money to pay the rent and landlords throwing them out of their house, several migrant workers are currently strewn across the roadside with their savings having dried up within few days of the lockdown. Coming to their rescue, a mosque in suburban Sakinaka area of Mumbai reportedly took to feeding hundreds of laborers with food while maintaining social distancing.

Apart from several other Muslim grass root organisations and individuals who are actively providing food, ration and support sans religious discrimination, the mosque in Sakinaka fed 800 jobless labourers. The volunteers also provided food, rice and pulses to nearby localities.

In an interview with Times of India, Maulana Atif Sanabali of the Jama Masjid Ahle Hadis, located on Khairani road, shared, “Like COVID-19, hunger is also a serious disorder and affects everyone irrespective of religion. Our motto is ‘koi bhukha na soye’ (nobody should go to sleep hungry).” He asserted that the meals are cooked in a hygienic way and social distancing is followed while serving.

Recently, migrant workers collected in large numbers at Ahle Sunnat Sunni Raza Jama Masjid near Bandra station, Mumbai. The new order to extend the lockdown upto May 03 created a confusion regarding the trains coming into function. A fleet of workers flocking to catch the first train home only resulted in utter chaos and with the mosque in the backdrop, the news took a communal turn. The police resorted to lathicharge to contain the situation but media houses had a hayday as they once again targeted the Muslim community behind breaking the law and order.

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