Asma, daughter of a Police Driver, scores 10th Rank in Assistant Commissioner of State Tax.

Syeda Asma from Nanded, cracked the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) Main Examination- 2019. She was ranked 10th for the position of Assistant Commissioner of State Tax, Group A position.

“My father is a Police driver and the officers who worked with my father were my inspiration and that was the time I made an intention to serve my community and the people by becoming a civil service officer” 

Asma studied in a local Urdu Medium School, she completed her metric, took up Art’s stream completed her B.A. and she is currently pursuing M.A in Economics.

Coming from a small district like Nanded costs many difficulties on the path towards success. Asma completed her schooling from an Urdu medium school when she entered the world of English medium it was totally a new experience and a long path to walk upon. Unavailability of study materials were “little struggles which made me self-question whether I’ll be able to complete the journey” as she recalls. 

“Work Hard let your success make the noise” was her belief and thus she never joined coaching classes and relied on self-study. She didn’t let her weak subjects demotivate her rather she focused on polishing her strong points.

Appearing for the MPSC exam had many hurdles on the way. One of them was, when she was already stressed with the preparation and examination anxiety she had to travel to a completely new city and make herself comfortable in the new surroundings”.

“My Parent’s always insisted on working hard and not worrying about the results, failure is a part of the struggle which will pass by if you have patience” they served as her Pillar of Strength throughout and helped her being consistent with her efforts. 

She doesn’t believe that her Hijab is a hurdle in the way of success. “Don’t be extreme towards anything always opt for a balanced path it will always lead you towards success”. 

Asma Syeda now sets an example for thousands of aspiring Muslim Youth to have a strong purpose and work hard towards achieving it.

She has proved “Where there is no struggle there is absolutely no Progress”.

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