Blessings of My Appearance! – Abdullah Khan

Back in the day when I used to be in college, I had inferiority complex of, may be, not being cool. With my long beard and my trousers folded up above the ankles along with my funny looking head-gear, it was easy to understand my complex. After all I was a naive college student, vulnerable and meek. I liked the way I was but the thought of being judged by others used to make me lose my confidence.

Once I had to go to a part of a city where it is generally not expected to find a muslim. It was such a place where everyone would compromise with their identity to look cool. So, I was walking there and a man with the most cheerful smile on his face passed by me and said salam.

He was a stranger. I did not talk to him but I could totally see the happiness on his face to see me there. I could feel that brotherly warmth in his salam. Without a single word he patted me for my muslim identity.

It’s just a small incident but that made me realise if it was not my looks, I would have been deprived off so many blessings.

I work in corporate now, the first thing people notice is my religion. I hope angels will also recognise me as a muslim.

I wear Islam as my badge of honour.

Abdullah Khan


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