The Kashmiri Files: Through The Eyes Of An Indian Muslim

The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) will provide Y Category security to Vivek Agnihotri, the director of The Kashmiri Files, as per some sources. Four to five armed commandos will be deployed for Agnihotri’s protection as part of this security.

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When I read out this news, my heart filled with anger and despair for it was a done deal, that as long as you make a propaganda movie that centers on hate for a particular community, you’ll get all the love, support and even security from majority as well as the government. Well, these were my thoughts and I intended to find what did people around me think.

Walking beside me, Wali corroborated,

He calls himself brave by shouting Islam being a terrorist global network. And the number of his supporters is questionable. He gained a victory in the propaganda. The way he portrayed the Kashmiri Hindus, the only victim in his movie.  Now, he portrayed himself as a victim.  He played the game well

As I observe the videos of people shouting vicious slogans, targeting the Muslims, my heart clenches.  The discomfort in my heart may not be at any level with what the Kashmiris went through but it does pain me. 

And when I went through the trailer of the movie, I found how the biased notion has been served. 

Didn’t people of any other faiths got killed? And as a matter of fact, if we go through the ministry’s report 219 while the film boasts 4000 . The Opposition parties are criticizing the film for displaying the “half-truth”.  

Excluding the atrocities against the Kashmiri muslims while making a propoganda movie on kashmiri pandits on facts that are rejected by the Kashmiri Pandits themselves shows the hypocrisy.

What kind of equivalency of truth is it? 

Who sets that parameter? 

Many fake encounters, innumerable graves, forced disappearance, thousands of sexual assaults by occupying troops, more than fifty thousand Kashmiri muslims have been going through since decades but no one talks about them.

Then how come the lives of kashmiri pandits value more than that of kashmiri muslims?

Isn’t that the hypocrisy? 

Where is equality? 

Mahatma Gandhi commented on the situation in Jammu on 25 December 1947 in his speech at a prayer meeting in New Delhi:

“The Hindus and Sikhs of Jammu and those who had gone there from outside killed Muslims. The Maharaja of Kashmir is responsible for what is happening there…A large number of Muslims have been killed there and Muslim women have been dishonored.”  

Source: “Document Twenty”,”The second assassination of Gandhi?” by Ram Puniyani 2003 pg. 91, 92 

It’s a grave situation for not just Kashmiri Muslim but for the Indian Muslims too and the majority conveniently looks away.

And if you realize how many Muslims are killed or put behind the bars during mob lynching, riots, etc. in the whole country. Why no one talks about that? asks Aalima with certainty. 

The visuals of the movie have made people overwhelmed with resentment.  

People are applauding the director for letting them know the reality. 

People are touching his feet, crying to him, hugging him. 

They are making him their hero. 

The level of conscious acceptance is high, how much it would have affected in at the subconscious level. 

It sounds scary as it is. 

Tanveer recalled,

Hitler also did the same with the Jews to spread hatred against them. False propaganda, through movies, posters, dramas. It’s clear, soon there would be riots or a genocide.

Looking after the trailer and other videos of the filmmaker, a friend said he looks frustrated.   

With an intense sad voice, he added,

“He is a totally frustrated person. He didn’t know the history of Kashmir but blindly comments on Kashmir.” 

On that what Tanveer replied gave rise to my pain,

He said ,

“Indeed he has knowledge that’s the reason he made a whole movie. He is not stupid.  We can’t tag him as frustrated.  Else we should think about is how we can tackle people like him.  Do we have accurate knowledge & data to counter-argue?  I don’t have any data or facts to even talk with him on this topic.  Let alone have a debate with these fascist people

To which Hani acknowledged,

Exactly! He is manipulating facts so easily as the general public doesn’t know the history nor do they pay attention to what’s happening In Kashmir. After a sigh of grief, she asserted- Guys, do read about Gandhi and Jinnah’s talks on the Kashmir issue. If you want to understand the issue you need to go back in history where it all started & why

Youth gets in deep turmoil of his/her own identity and their perspective through the manipulation of media. 

The director of the movie, Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri is an Indian film director, screenwriter, author, and activist. You can see his ideology through his clear words, how he observes terrorism and how he specifies Muslims with terrorism. 

In all this corruption, the main damage that is happening is with the minds of the youth. 

They are getting confused about their identity, 

By the time you are reading this article, you must have watched the trailer at least if not the movie. 

Didn’t you shiver? 

Didn’t you feel the trembling of your heart? 

Are you comfortable talking about this with your friends? 

Do you think you are mindful enough to solve the puzzle that the movie left behind? 

Do you think you are aware enough to intervene in the manipulated biased story? 

Did you see how the director put his aggression in the scenes and manipulated the civilians? 

If yes then Alhumdullilah, you have done your part, now carry forward your knowledge. 

And if not then do your part first. 

  • Read about Maharaja Hari Singh. 
  • Read about UN Charters and its resolutions from December 30, 1947, till now. 
  • Read about Dixon and his plan. 
  • Understand the geographical aspect. 

Do not be a spectator. 

May Allah increase us in beneficial knowledge. 

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