The story of Ali's Engagement to Fatimah (R.A.)

The story of Ali’s Engagement to Fatimah (R.A.)

Subhanalllah as I was reading this post by @ammar_alshukry I had chills running down on me.

Oftentimes when companions are being discussed in bayans and khutbahs only a limited set of stories of a set of companions, of their greatness in charity and battles and more are discussed.

Which to an average muslims on the back of their mind makes them feel distant, that they were great human beings and where are we, this give a moment of high during the bayan and then we go back to our normal lives as we were.

Only if more of human side of sahabas were also along with their greatness we would be able to relate more and feel more connected and longer lasting motivation that we could also do more.

The companions in their greatness were also human….and so were their problems.

Read the story below.

This post was originally taken from Ammar AlShukry’s wall

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