The Love Story Behind Tayammum

The beloved Rasul Ullah (SAW) and the noble Sahaba RA were out on expedition, and as was his practice, Rasul Ullah (SAW) would take one of his blessed wives along. Aisha Siddeeqa RA, was extremely happy to have accompanied her wonderful husband (SAW) on this trip.

They passed a place called Zaatul Jaish and Aisha RA realised her necklace was missing. As any woman who has lost jewelry will know, it creates panic! She rushed to Rasul Ullah (SAW) in her distress and what did he do?

Did he swat away her female concern?

Did he tell her so what’s the big deal?

Did he shush her because he SAW was at the head of a huge numbered expedition?


He tried to soothe her concerns and he stopped the entire army. Yes, Rasul Ullah (SAW) stopped the entire army. To look for his wife’s necklace. Oh my Nabi, and they still try to vilify you, Sallallahu alaik. Now the noble Sahaba, they saw Rasul Ullah (SAW) searching, so some joined him. That was true love as well. What was important to RasulAllah SAW, was important to them as well.

The night fell and still Rasul Ullah (SAW) did not order the army to move on because his beloved wife’s necklace had not been found. He SAW then placed his head on her lap and drifted off to sleep, hoping in the morning light, it would be spotted.

The people complained to the father of Aisha RA, Sayyidina Abu Bakr RA, that his daughter had stopped Rasul Ullah (SAW) and the entire army at a water-less place and neither did the people have water with them, what would they do for Fajr??

Let us understand the concern for salaah here.

Abu Bakr RA grew angry with his daughter and rushed to scold her, perhaps feeling she was taking advantage of her husband’s soft nature.

Rasul Ullah (SAW) never scolded her, neither did he side with the people but made her feel firmly that he SAW was on her team.

Dawn broke and Fajr time arrived, the people were agitated. What happened? Allah Ta’aala, The Greatest Beloved who cascades mercy on us, revealed the ayah and the law of Tayammum.

“And you do not find any water then resort to Tayammum – find clean soil and rub your faces and hands with it. Allah does not wish to burden you; He only wishes to purify you and to perfect His favor upon you, so that you may be thankful.”

(Surah Al-Maaida: Ayah 6)

Imagine the joy and relief for Sahaba RA! Especially when they traveled in the desert.

After this, Sahaba RA congratulated the family of Abu Bakr RA, for being a cause of another blessing on them.

Then guess what happened? The camel of Aisha RA moved and her necklace was found! Did Rasul Ullah (SAW) get irritated with her because it was right there all the time? Nope. He shared her relief. Imagine how much more Aisha RA’s love grew for he husband after this incident.

How much more harmony there would be in society if we overlook small things and empathize with people?

What if we had the patience of the Prophet SAW? How much more a beautiful relationship we would be able to enjoy.

Method of Tayammum:

1) Make niyyah (intention) of performing Tayammum in place of wudhu or ghusal and to read salaah/Quran.

2) Strike the hands on the stone/sand and wipe the entire face from forehead to beneath the chin and from one ear to the other.

3) Strike the stone again and wipe both hands from finger to above the elbow. Use one hand to wipe the other.

Remember: Niyyah, Face & Hands. Done!

Subhan Allah!

For a pictorial illustration of Tayammum, click below:

Lessons from the Story:

1. We learn about how much love the Prophet SAW had for Ayesha (RA). The love was so strong that the Rasul Ullah (SAW) stopped a whole army so they can find Ayesha’s necklace. 🙂   2. The love the Companions had for Salah. One would think that in the predicament that they were in (little water), in the middle of the desert, and in enemy territory – that they would worry over the possibility of their death. But they were ACTUALLY worried about their Salah. They were worried that they wont get enough water to pray. Subhanallah!   3. The love of the Companions for Rasul Ullah (SAW).   4. Allah’s mercy on His believers that He revealed ahkaam of Tayammum to ease the hardship of the Muslims.  


We read novels and movies about love that can never match the love between Rasul Ullah (SAW) and his wives. So dear brothers and sisters, learn from this example of Rasul Ullah (SAW) and show your love to your spouses.


Don’t confuse the story with another similar incident where again Ayesha RA lost her necklace. That was the famous incident of the slander against Ayesha RA that also led the revelation of important verses in Surah Nuur in which Allah vindicated her.

Source : Happy Muslim Family

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