Do fathers have an impact on the life of daughters?

The society doesn’t pay much attention to the role of fathers in their daughters lives. Our culture seems to place little value on the uniquely important impact that fathers have on their daughters.

In many households, even today there are girls who get cold feet at the mere mention of their fathers. A curtain of patriarchal set up alienates many fathers from their daughters.

The Islamic history is rife with examples of women whose fathers took care to teach them Hadith and other subjects. The sahaba and after them the pious successors were most particular in this.

Sa’id ibn al-Musayb taught all his hadiths to his daughter, in the next generation, Malik ibn Anas taught his daughter the whole of Muwatta.Ibn al- Hutayah taught his daughter the seven recitations of the Quran, the sahihs of Al Bukhari and Muslim.

Some scholars would even go the extent that they’d marry their daughters to other scholars with the sole intention to continue their interest in hadith and other branches of knowledge.

For example, Sheikh Al Qurra first taught his daughter himself, then he married her to one of his more knowledgeable students.

Imam Ala Al Din al Samarqandi, author of ‘Tuhfat al Fuqaha’ and other books, had a beautiful daughter and was sought after by princes and wealthy. Her father refused such offers because she was a scholar, one who had memorised his book.

One particular student was an expert in both principles and practical details of the law and then wrote Badai’ al Sanai’, a commentary on sheikhs Tuhfat al fuqaha. The Imam was so pleased with the work that he married his daughter to this student.

The muslim fathers really need to reconsider their relationship with their daughters and not dump the absolute responsibility of Islamic upbringing of their children on their wives. There is nothing praise worthy in that, and in fact it is against sunnah as well.

Remember the guidance prophet (pbuh) gave hazrat fatima when she approached him for a helper to perform chores. That’s how the world got the gift of special dikhr ‘tasbeeh e fatima’.

Prophet would take his granddaughter Umamah to the masjid. Fathers need to think of their roles beyond financial providers.

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