Dazzled by the Beloved - The Light of Medina

Dazzled by the Beloved ﷺ – The Light of Medina ❤

Light shone forth as he ﷺ was brought to the world, It lit the heavens to the Earth, east to the west, extinguishing every other weak source of false light. One was the light of Tawheed that he ﷺ brought, the other was the evidence of his ﷺ perfect physical beauty.

Slightly round, his ﷺ blessed face was not a complete circle, Abu Bakr (RadhiAllahu anhu) even composed a couplet on him ﷺ

“As there is no darkness in the moonlit night, so is Mustafa, the well-wisher, the bright”

Abu Bakr (RadhiAllahu anhu)  was right, for his ﷺ blessed face lit up like the moon when something pleased his ﷺ pure heart. It seemed as if his ﷺ face were a mirror with moon reflected in it. But I’d travel miles few more, and announce it out loud, that the moon is incomplete in its physical beauty nor is it as honoured as the beloved of God is. 

The moon is sometimes half, sometimes full, sometimes disappear and the night gets dull.

The epitome of physical human beauty, his ﷺ radiance never ceased to glisten the world even when he ﷺ has gone.

Maybe it was his ﷺ perfect smooth blessed cheeks, his ﷺ sloping nose, narrow nostrils, well-spaced teeth, or maybe his ﷺ large beautiful eyes with long pretty eye lashes, his ﷺ thick full beard and a high beautiful neck with wavy flowing hair that made Hassan Ibn Thabit (RadhiAllahu anhu)  his one mad-lover. An Arab poet, Hassan (RadhiAllahu anhu)  lauded his first meeting with the beloved like every lover does :

When I saw his light shining forth,

In fear I covered my eyes with my palms,

Afraid for my sight because of the beauty of his form.

So I was scarcely able to look at him at all.

The lights from his light are drowned in his light

and his faces shines out like the sun and moon in one.

A spirit of light lodged in a body like the moon,

a mantle made up of brilliant shining stars.

I bore it until I could bear it no longer.

I found the taste of patience to be like bitter aloes.

I could find no remedy to bring me relief

other than delighting in the sight of the one I love.

Even if he had not brought any clear signs with him,

the sight of him would dispense with the need for them.

Muhammad is a human being but not like other human beings.

Rather he is a flawless diamond and the rest of mankind is just stones.

Blessings be on him so that perhaps Allah may have mercy on us

on that burning Day when the Fire is roaring forth its sparks. “ 

As much as his ﷺ radiant blessed face is praised, so are his ﷺ manners and the rest of his ﷺ blessed body. 

He ﷺ never pointed with a finger but used his ﷺ whole hand, his ﷺ palm softer than silk split the moon in two when he was a baby in cradle, leading to his ﷺ blessed broad shoulders with some hairs on them. 

At the age of four, chosen from the ground, Jibreel (Alayhissalam) opened his chest to wash it down; for it contained the best of treasures, the heart of Muhammad ﷺ, which made him God’s beloved. 

When grown up to a soft-courageous man, Rasulullah ﷺ had some hair on the upper part of his chest-the bearer of the treasure, light hair on his stomach and the finest stature. 

He was taller than a moderate build, but not exceedingly tall. 

His blessed feet were arched, even when he lived in the desert of Makkah and Medina, so smooth that water would pour off them. 

Even when he ﷺ has departed to his Lord, his ﷺ blessed body lies in the ground, may be that is what makes the ground of Medina scent like Musk, and stay lit even on a moonless night. 

But even when the moon is there, as a lover of God’s beautiful sky that I am, the stars in sky that I can stare all night, 

when my eyes set on his beautiful green dome that announces his ﷺ presences in the breath-taking Medina, my eyes betray the sky, and all of its gems, as I set my eyes on his dome once, 

 my heart tries to peek in it a bit, a voice hushes me a bit, whispers it to me “you’ll see him in Jannah, if not in a dream or two in this world, so lower down gaze and calm down your heart as you stand in the accompany of your Lord’s beloved” 

The originator of souls, and all that is in the Heavens and the Earth chose him ﷺ as His beloved. What praise do you need more, of the one whose presence lights up the whole Earth.

O Allah ! Send blessings on your prophet and beloved Muhammad, in every glance and every breath, as many times as all that is contained in your knowledge.

 Laiba Zahid

Special thanks to Shamail, the admin of the Instagram account  ( @beauty_of_the_beloved ).

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