as bjp returns to power

As BJP returns to power, Muslims of UP expecting tough time ahead

Results of the election of the state assemblies of 5 states were out on 10th March and as BJP returns to power,there has been a visible hurt and discontent in the community. What does the youth of the community think and expect? In past years of BJP’s rule, the reality has been scary for the Muslim community

Threat to themselves

Everyone knows how much hateful BJP is towards the muslim community, and now post elections, muslims fear for what they’re about to lose. Its convenient to say that, the central government sees the community through the lens of hatred and genocidal ideas

The result is just what I expected” said Adi,

 “the BJP and RSS have succeeded in uniting the various warring castes under the saffron banner to fight against Islam. The government is going to function just like before. They will develop and pamper some cities with infrastructure to claim development. Minorities will retreat further into ghettos. They will target Masjids and build Mandirs , Pogroms and arrests are on the way.” He added.


One often wonders when they look at the constitution, when equality has been promised to us, why are we being denied being treated equally? Emphasizing on this issue, Kaneez pointed out,

I don’t agree with the election results. BJP always speaks against Muslims. Why? We all are equal, we all are Indians. Religion does not teach enmity with each other. Winning in the name of caste and religion is not a victory, Victory belongs to Humanity not to those who spread Hatred.

The Majority angle

It is a known fact that BJP is returning into power only because of the hatred against one community and its quite hard to believe that the majority didn’t support it

Election results tell us about the majoritarian mentality. The Indian majority survives on the oppression of Muslims.” Said Rabab from Lucknow.

 “Most of them have elected BJP to power in order to gain their extremist religious interests such as building up Mandirs by demolishing Mosques, pushing Muslims towards second class citizens and to spread hatred against our community more intensely” She added

Economic conditions

 The muslim community who is already the most backward class has been paying the price for the hatred endorsed by the system. Referring to an incident in which some extremists were calling out for economic boycott of Muslims, Shabi of Lucknow said

 “The BJP has killed the career and future lives of the Muslims.”

Should we earn to serve our families or protect our lives and dignity from those hate mongers? What kind of Government is this which cannot assure us security?” Akbar his friend followed.

Cultivation of Hate

Many fear, like Tanya and Mihir that this time, the hate will run deep into corners of young minds and every attempt would be made to saffronise them

They also believe that the mentality of the youth of the country is being targeted,

“Even they are going to enslave the young brains of the Indians Intellectually.”

Threat to their lives

Several videos have surfaced within the time period of elections and results in which extremist Hindus can be seen calling out for violent actions against the Muslim Communityand so far, no action has been taken against them.

Zainab from Saharanpur exclaimed

Abhi se inhone ye sab krna shuru krdiya hai, aage kya krenge?, Pichle saalon me kitne lynchings, murders, hate k cases hain aage kitne honge? The conditions are going to be worse than ever. Gujarat Pogrom jaise incidents agr is government k under hote hain to koi surprising bat nhi hai.” (From now on, they have started doing all this. What will they do next? Things are getting worse. If incidents like Gujarat Pogram happen then it should not be surprising under this government).

Hatred and Corruption.

If there’s one thing that the BJP is known for, it is hatred and corruption.

Inhone Jahan se chora tha whin se kaam shuru krenge, nafrat aur fasad phailayenge.” (They will start working from where they left off, spreading hatred and disorder) Ali from Lucknow stated.

Wese to sbhi cheezon par tax lg gya hoga lekin agr kch bcha hai to wo is bar nhi bchega, inflation jo election ki wajah se kuch qabu me tha ab dubara bdhega.”  (everything would have already been taxed, but if there is anything left, it will not be saved this time, the inflation which was somewhat controlled due to the election will rise again) Ali mentioned that both Muslims and poor people are going to see miserable time ahead under the Government.


Finding hope through these times are tough but some find it through poems while for some it is different

For Fatima, it is the famous couplet of Allama Iqbal

Mazhab nhi sikhata aapas me bair rakhna,

Hindi hain ham watan hai Hindustan Hamara.”

– Allama Iqbal

She added,

 “The only reason of hatred’s wins over love is that some people think that hating particular community is better than getting jobs, they can live without food but can’t live without hate, can live with Injustice but never say no to hatred. This was not a victory of any particular party this victory belongs to hatred for Muslims ,injustice, discrimination.

While for Haris it is different.

 “bas hm ye kr skte hain k zalim k khilaf rawayya sakht rkhen, jisse zulm kch kam ho, apne upar kiye huye zulm k khilaf awaz uthane me compromise na  kren,” (All we can do is keep the attitude against the oppressor strong, so that the oppression is a little less, do not compromise in speaking out against the oppression that has happened to us) said Harris motivated.

“Karbala has taught us to abandon ‘bad’ and follow ‘good’ not matter what, We will continue our fight against hatred and discrimination as long as we are alive,” Fatima joined in.

Conclusively, the Muslim community is almost in trauma and expecting very hard, cruel times for themselves. They are afraid as well as sure about the ill treatment that they’re going to suffer under the Government making it difficult for them to see any ray of hope. There have been ample of incidents which became the basis of this fear and negative attitude.

As many find  it difficult to see any light in future for the Muslims, Shaista sighed with a brief answer,  “Bas Allah Khair kare..” (May Allah bless (with mercy)

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