Abandoned Mosques Of Gurgaon: Badshahpur Masjid⁠

Many of Gurugram’s historic masajid continue to be illegally occupied or are deserted as locals who reside in the area oppose prayers to be held by the Muslims in them.⁠

The Haryana Waqf board has previously submitted a list of 19 masajid in Gurugram District that are illegally encroached, which is in a way forcing the Muslims to pray in the open.⁠

Many of such masajid in places not far from Gurugram District have already been demolished and the ones inside Gurugram may too share the same fate.⁠

The three-domed masjid of Badshahpur situated close to the Gurugram-Sohna road is being used as a godown. A family has illegally occupied the masjid that sits on a prime piece of land for decades. They are dismantling and amending parts of the historic structure that is under the purview of the Haryana Waqf Board at will.⁠

Image Credit: DNA India⁠

Courtesy to @mosquesofindia on Instagram for the post.

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