A young Muslim Kid from kerala made a light motorcycle using scrap from his father’s workshop

Arshad TH, a young muslim boy from Palluruthy at Kochi breaks the norms of a typical 9th grade student and successfully developed a light motorcycle. The son of TJ Hashim and Haseena, Arshad studies at SDPY school.

During Lockdown, Arshad came up with this innovative idea when he saw an iron pipe and a motorbike engine in his father’s automobile workshop.

He soon started giving shape to his idea by using scrap tires, disc brakes, LED lights and handles of other bikes. He also used seats and carriers of bicycles for his creation. Finally after one and a half months his motorcycle was ready to ride on the road.

This one of a kind bike has a petrol tank attached to the seat and handles, with the capacity to hold one litre of fuel. The inventor quoted that the bike can travel up to 50 kilometres on a full tank and spend nearly Rs 10,000 to develop this light motorcycle.

On recalling his journey, Arshad said initially his father scolded him for the project but when he was midway through it, his father helped him to put the remaining parts together.

Meanwhile, the young boy’s father said that he was really proud of his son’s creation and will support him for his future projects as much as possible.

Arshad wishes to manufacture a trolley for his next goal.

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