5 Best Islamic Apps Every Muslim Must Have in 2021

5 Best Islamic Apps Every Muslim Must Have in 2021

As we look around in the world of today, we realize our lives revolve around technology. We all have at least 20 applications on our phones for different tasks such as ordering groceries, count our daily physical activities, chat with our loved ones, and more. And while that is comforting as it makes our lives easier, why don’t we consider adding Islamic Apps on our phones to double the rewards and good deeds we earn in our day?

There are many Islamic apps on the App and Google store, and they’re a great way for us to increase our knowledge about Islam, listen to useful lectures and podcasts any time in our day, find out accurate prayer timings, do dhikr, and find useful duas in times of need.

The greatest thing about having these apps on our phones is that they help us connect better with Allah as we can read duas, dhikr and listen to religious lectures at random times of the day. Such as on your daily morning walk or a drive back from work after a long day.

Therefore, we decided to list the 5 Best Islamic Apps Every Muslim Must Have in 2021. So, if you’re interested, keep on reading!

5 Best Islamic Apps Every Muslim Must Have in 2021

1.     Muslim and Quran

The application claims to be the “ultimate Islamic resource to a blissful Islamic lifestyle,” and we wholeheartedly agree! Muslim and Quran has been around a long time and is one of the best Islamic applications. The app has everything you could ask for in your daily use Islamic app.


  • Prayer Timings: Get accurate prayer times based on your exact location.
  • Prayer notifications: With this app on your phone, you’ll never forget to pray! It sends out a notification at prayer time with beautiful Adhans that you can choose from.
  • Complete Holy Quran: With multilingual phonetic transliterations, translations & audio recitations, original scripts and fonts
  • Listen to the Quranic recitations followed by translation recitation
  • Authentic Quran Tasfeers
  • Hadith Collection
  • Hajj and Umrah Guide
  • Locate Islamic Places – mosques, Halal restaurants, and more
  • Accurate Suhoor and Iftaar timings
  • Word by Word meaning – Quranic Grammar, syntax, and morphology for every Quran verse.

2.     Digital Tasbeeh Counter

 In today’s world, where everything is digitalized, why shouldn’t we do our dhikr through an application for ease and better remembrance? Digital Tasbeen Counter enables you to do your daily dhikr with a tasbeeh counter on its app that is designed as similar to a real tasbeeh counter in a ring-like shape.

You can use this digital tasbeeh counter to recite names of Allah (SWT) and for Salah tasbeehat. All your dhikr will be recorded and saved by the application.

Other Features:

  • Even if the application is closed, the number of recited dhikr will not be lost until the pulse button is pressed.
  • Digital Tasbeeh Counter enables you to save all your dhikrs with names and dates
  • Enables you to customize the Digital Tasbeeh Counter with different themes
  • The application saves energy through a night-mode option
  • You can recheck previous dhikrs by dates, numbers, and names

3.     Scan Halal

One of the toughest parts for Muslims living in non-majority Muslim countries is the quest for Halal food. Apart from ensuring every restaurant you eat in offers halal food, we also have to frequently check and ensure all grocery items we put in our cart are halal as well. However, this can prove to be time-taking and hectic for shoppers. But lucky for us, that’s where Scan Halal comes in.

Scan Halal is an application trusted by millions of Muslims around the world and provides valuable and much-needed information for you on your grocery tips. The app helps you make halal dietary choices. All you need to do is scan the barcode (UPC/EAN) of the product you’re planning to get, and Scan halal will immediately break down the sources of ingredients along with the halal status.

The app is reliable as it claims to have food technologists, nutritionists, and auditors that have expert knowledge in food matters and industry experience behind the services of the application. 


  • Provides reliable information regarding non-halal ingredients found in food items

4.     Athan

Athan is another popular application used by Muslims around the world. The application has various features to help you become a better Muslim. It displays prayer timings, Islamic Gallery, Islamic Calendar, and duas for different situations to help you in times of need. Moreover, if you’re not uncomfortable with ads on your applications, you can upgrade to Athan Premium for an ad-free experience with more features.


  • Accurate Prayer Timings based on your city
  • Prayer reminders – The prayer reminders by Athan ensure you stay regular in your prayers.
  • Islamic Gallery – Best Collection of Islamic Pictures
  • Al Quran – Recitations, Juz, Translations, and read verses in the Holy Quran about different topics like Wadu, Chasity, Family
  • Hadith Collection
  • Zakat Calculator
  • Special Islamic Days
  • Important duas – for fasting, after finishing a meal, sickness, depression, and more.
  • Islamic information, knowledge, and interesting facts to increase your awareness about the deen.

5.     Umrah & Hajj Guide

 As suggested by the name, Umrah & Hajj Guide is an app centered around providing detailed information on the steps of Umrah and Hajj to help Muslims prepare for the most rewarding journeys of their life. Apart from the guides, the application includes Ihram instructions, supplications, hajj map, glossary, miscellaneous, destination app.


  • Includes an advanced search engine and graphical representation used in maps
  • Easy User Interference
  • Swipe through to the other option

In Conclusion

Islamic applications are useful in many aspects of our lives. They allow us to never forget to pray our daily salah, do dhikar whenever possible, and provide essential religious information to help in becoming better Muslims and practice our religion efficiently. We hope you find our list of the best Islamic applications useful and gain plenty of good deeds and rewards upon downloading them and learning new more about Islam.

Author Bio.

Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for Muslim & Quran.

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