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Mohammed Arif Chaudhary wants to raise funds for Zainab and Zunaira to fight SMA. Your donation can guide them to reach their fund goals. Please help.

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The Background

Zainab was born to Ashfaque and Amreen Choudhary, on 10th October 2019. The entire family was overjoyed with the addition of the new member who had a contagious smile. Zainab’s twin elder brothers were more than happy to have a little sister to play with. Even though they are very young, they were very protective and caring of their baby sister. Soon enough their family expanded, even more, when the newest addition to the family joined in all the fun, Zunaira was born.

At around 6 months of age, the parents noticed that Zainab was not able to hold her neck or sit up. They were worried and to confirm that it was nothing dangerous, they saw a doctor. The doctor recommended multiple tests and their worst fear became a reality. Zainab was suffering from one of the most dangerous diseases – Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

“This is a genetic disease which will affect her muscle function and eventually leave her bedridden. Since muscle function controls vital functions of the body, she would eventually stop breathing as well. We don’t know whether she will survive or not. Even if she does, she will not be able to walk or even sit up on her own. There is a treatment for this condition but it is the world’s most expensive drug – ZOLGENSMA – costing almost 16 crores”. This was explained by the doctors to the family.

As soon as the parents heard 16 crores they were taken aback. A lifesaving medicine that is a ray of hope for their little girl is costing a lot more than what they can collectively earn in a year or even years. No matter how many people they appeal to for help, 16 crores was an impossible amount to arrange by a middle-class family all by themselves. They had almost given up hope when a few months ago they came across the stories of two kids with the same disease who received help from strangers throughout the world and were able to get this exorbitant medicine.

The last spark of hope in their hearts was reignited and they started a fundraiser for Zainab hoping that their bundle of joy will also receive help from kind souls. However, they are left with only 2 months to arrange this amount as Zainab will turn 2 in October 2021. ZOLGNESMA cannot be administered to kids beyond the age of 2! The doctors have mentioned that her condition is deteriorating rapidly now and she needs the drug within the next two months.

Today, Zainab has to keep taking physiotherapy to maintain the limited muscle strength she is left with. A physiotherapist comes over to the house and administers the therapy to her. She cannot sit up on her own and her parents have to keep her in a sitting position with support on her spine.

At night, whenever she wants to change her position she cries and every night her parents help her out. She has to be fed all meals, even water, and tries her best to grab objects but is unable to do so.

Soon the parents noticed that little Zunaira had started showing similar symptoms as Zainab. They were fearing the worst and just to be on the safer side, they visited the doctor. They found themself in the same chair listening to the same words again. This time the pain was harder to bear. Little Zunaira is also suffering from SMA type 1. Sadly 2 among the most unfortunate 10,000 kids were born in the same household.

The little ones are the sunshine in the joint family of the house with their constant smiles.

“Mashallah, Zainab has been gifted with a brilliant mind. I pray that I can provide her with all the happiness and opportunities that she deserves. She loves dressing up. Whenever she wears a new dress she calls out everyone to show it…” her father says. Their brothers calm the baby girls whenever they cry and have become very attached to them. Time is running out for Zainab to receive Zolgensma and only you can make that happen.

A daughter, a sister, a baby girl will be able to lead a fulfilling life if she receives the needed treatment on time. The power of we is immense! The parents will not be able to afford this massive cost but we can help them do this together. Every small donation will count and push this little girl closer to a happier and healthier life. Even a share on social media will be an immense help.

So contribute whatever you can so that little Zainab and Zunaira’s smile never fades away.




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