The story of Ali's Engagement to Fatimah (R.A.)

The story of Ali’s Engagement to Fatimah (R.A.)

Subhanalllah as I was reading this post by @ammar_alshukry I had chills running down on me.

Oftentimes when companions are being discussed in bayans and khutbahs only a limited set of stories of a set of companions, of their greatness in charity and battles and more are discussed.

Which to an average muslims on the back of their mind makes them feel distant, that they were great human beings and where are we, this give a moment of high during the bayan and then we go back to our normal lives as we were.

Only if more of human side of sahabas were also along with their greatness we would be able to relate more and feel more connected and longer lasting motivation that we could also do more.

The companions in their greatness were also human….and so were their problems.

Read the story below.

**The Set up **

Fatima began getting proposals. Al-Nasa’i
records that both Abu Bakr and Omar asked for
Fatima's hand but the prophet s did not accept,
saying she was young.
**The Awkwardness**

Ali contemplated asking for Fatima but he didn't
have anything. AlBayhaqi reported that a servant
of Ali's asked him if he knew Fatima was being
proposed to, he said yes or no, she said, "go and
ask for her" but he didn't have anything to give
her! Nonetheless she continued to insist on him
until he found himself entering upon the
messenger of Allah s&s.
Ali said,

"And we used to be in awe of him. | froze and
wasn't able to speak. The prophet 4% asked me,
‘do you need anything?’ and | couldn't respond.
He asked me three times, and | remained silent.
Finally he said,

‘Perhaps you came to ask for Fatima.’
| said, 'Yes oh Messenger of Allah s@:.'

He said, 'Do you have anything to marry her with'
| said, 'No oh Messenger of Allah #33'

He said, ‘what about the shield that | gave you on
such and such day.?'

| said, 'Oh messenger of Allah #3 it is not worth
anything but 400 dirhams!"

He said, 'Go for | have married you to her, and
send it to her.’
**The Walima and community support**

Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, barely was
able to scrape together a gift for Fatima, but the
prophet #% told him, "Any wedding needs a

Saad then said, "I will sponsor a sheep!" and
another said, "I will sponsor such and such!"
**Family Turbulence**

AlBukhari and Muslim both narrate that from
Al-Hussain ibn Ali, that his father said,

"| got an old she-camel as my share of the war
booty on the day (of the battle) of Badr, and
Allah's Messenger (3%) gave me another

| let both of them kneel at the door of one of the
Ansar, intending to carry Idhkhir (a type of grass)
on them to sell it and use its price for my
wedding banquet on marrying Fatima.
A goldsmith from Bani Qainga' was with me.

Hamza bin “Abdul-Muttalib was in that house
drinking wine and a lady singer was reciting: "O
Hamza! (Kill) the (two) fat old she camels (and
serve them to your guests).

So Hamza took his sword and went towards the
two she-camels and cut off their humps and
opened their flanks and took a part of their
(I said to Ibn Shihab, "Did he take part of the
humps?" He replied, "He cut off their humps and
carried them away.")

“Ali further said, "When | saw that dreadful sight,
| went to the Prophet (4) and told him the news.

The Prophet (##) came out in the company of
Zaid bin Haritha who was with him then, and | too
clam Utamiarenn
He went to Hamza and spoke harshly to him.
Hamza looked up and said, ‘Aren't you only the
slaves of my forefathers?’

The Prophet (8%) retreated backwards and went
out. This incident happened before the
prohibition of drinking.”

Ali, as poor as he was had two camels that he
was going to use to make some money to pay for
the walima, how he en he must have been
to find that his uncl a, may Allah be
pleased with him, in an intoxicated state
slaughtered both of them!

This post was originally taken from Ammar AlShukry’s wall

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