Stories of the Pious

Important Female in Islamic History

We bring to you a few selective  female figures of our Islamic history who, untainted by the patriarchy and cultures that stifle women today, exercised the rights that Islam had granted her. Nusayba bint Ka’ab Known by her nickname Umm Umarah, she was a female warrior who courageously defended the Prophet (S.A.W) in several battles …

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inspiring story of a brahmin turned shaikh

WHO WROTE YOUR HADITH? Read the Inspiring Story of A Brahmin turned Sheikh

Sheikh Ziya Ar-Rehman Azmi is the dean of Department of Hadith, Madina University. Contrary to the expectations of many who would consider him to come from a downright religious, Islamic family, our Sheikh was born in a conservative Brahmin family in India. Taught from a very young age to stay segregated from people of other …

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A Nikah with a difference

Mohammed Qasim lived in a small town in north India. One afternoon he came home and sat on the cot in the courtyard. While serving the lunch, his wife said, ‘What have you planned about the marriage of our daughter?’ Sitting on a raised platform in the kitchen, their daughter, Amtul Ikram (fondly called Ikraman), …

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The Story of Umm Salama

Umm Salama Hind bint Abi Umayya, may Allah be pleased with her, was married to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in 4 AH at the age of twenty nine, after her first husband, Abdullah ibn Abdul Asad, died from the wounds he received while fighting at the battle of Uhud. …

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Righteous Wife : A Blessing of Allah

Like most guys at 25, I just wanted to get married even though I didn’t have two pennies to rub together, times were really tough for me back then. It’s been around 6 years since I got married and have a Righteous Wife Alhamdulillah. My wife came from a very wealthy background masha Allah, I …

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The Old Man and One Loaf of Bread a Day

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem….Once an old man was sitting in his usual place, dhikr of Almighty Allaah on his lips.Slightly pre-occupied with the loaf of bread which was going to be his sustenance for the day. Always the same….. One loaf of bread. And Sayedna Moosaa (alayhi salaam) happened to be walking past. The old man …

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#InspirationSeries: You Could Give Her A River & She Would Give You Back An Ocean

March 27th, 2014: We prayed over my dear mother today and buried her. Tonight will be the first night in her grave. Subhan’Allah, I always wondered about this day, which will come for us all. My sister and I were talking this morning about how serene and peaceful we feel despite the chaos and cries …

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Inspiration Series : The Life of Shiekh Ahmed Deedat

The young Deedat excelled at school, but poverty forced him to leave and start work when he was 16. It was as a furniture salesman that Deedat encountered missionaries sent to convert non-Christians and where he began to think about comparative religions.

Your Heart Will Never Be The Same After Reading This Mother’s Tale

I couldn’t believe how much this sister had borne. A decade without a husband, and now have lost her home, her wealth and are refugees on the border of the country. Though her husband is now finally with her, he is not her companion in the loss and pain this war has brought her family. He can’t help her or their children nor even comfort her.

Al-Imam Al-Bukhari

It is a well-known fact that there are two fundamental sources for Islamic teachings: the first being the Holy Qur’an, the exact words of the Almighty Allah, and the second being the Hadith, which is the collection of the sayings, deeds, and approvals accurately narrated from the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. A careful perusal of the …

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